Live Catch Traps – Big Delivery Arrived!


Check out our great prices for our TOP QUALITY Live Catch Traps!

We are now offering Live Catch Traps at great prices and you can even buy them online!

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Our most popular traps offered are the Magpie Larsen Trap and the Live Catch Fox Trap which are seen by most Gamekeepers and Farmers as an essential trap to have!

Magpie Larsen Traps – The trap mechanism involves a spring door to each catching compartment which, when set, is held open by a split perch. To enter the trap, birds the size of a magpie or crow inevitably drop onto the perch. The perch gives way, and the bird’s momentum takes it past the bottom of the door, which flips up.

Fox Trap – The trap is set by hanging a lure at the rear of the trap. The trigger rod which is joined to the lure hook props open the entrance to the trap. This will slam shut as soon as the lure is taken!

Other traps available from us are the Single Mink, Double Mink, Cat and Rabbit

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