Goodnature Traps

We offer two different types of Goodnature Traps. The first is the A18 Squirrel trap and second is the A24 Rat trap. They have both proven to be extremely popular.

The A18 is perfect for controlling grey squirrels. It is easy to install and maintain. 18 kills per CO2 canister.

The A24 delivers a powerful impact that kills pests instantly every time. It will automatically reset itself at least 24 times per CO2 canister.

Both products come with a box full of all items needed to get started. This includes spare canisters, digital counters, lure and instructions.

We do also sell a variety of accessories including detector cards, safety tunnels and extra lure.

We do offer bulk discounts on these products.

Any questions regarding Goodnature Traps? Please give us a call 01308 485422

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