Purse Nets

We offer some components for Net Making & Purse Nets

This includes:

1 inch stainless steel net rings

3mm braided nylon twine

no 8 plastic needle

Along with complete Purse Nets

That are commonly used whilst ferreting for rabbits

Any Questions please give us a call on 01308 485422

  • £0.36 inc VAT
    Stainless Steel Net Rings

    Stainless Steel Net Rings 25mm (1 inch) – each

    Stainless steel net rings for making purse nets. 25mm (1 inch)
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  • £19.20 inc VAT
    Rabbit Purse Nets

    Rabbit Purse Nets – Pack of 10

    Rabbit purse / ferreting nets - pack of 10
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  • £28.80 inc VAT
    Braided Twine – 3mm or 4mm

    Braided Twine – 3mm or 4mm

    Braided Twine for general use. Can be used for Golf Practice Cage repairs. We use 3mm Twine for our  Fyke Net...
  • £2.10 inc VAT
    No.8 Nettle Needle Yellow

    No.8 Netting Needle

    Needles ideal for making purse nets.
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