Virocid Disinfectant – NEW

We are now offering VIROCID alongside the other disinfectants we sell

VIROCID® offers at least two times more protection than other disinfectants, it also offers a wide application range for the daily disinfection of:

– animal houses and material
– animal transport and materials
– storage and processing rooms for feed and food
– food transport
– boots and wheels via dipping baths

Virocid Disinfectant
Virocid Disinfectant

Find out more from their website here. Or you can download their PDF document here: [wpdm_file id=13]

This disinfectant is amazingly effective at very low dilutions (0.5 – 1%)

It works against ALL micro-organisms; bacteria, viruses, fungi and spires.

The worldwide success of VIROCID is based on these characteristics:

  • “hospital grade” disinfectant
  •  highly efficient to kill bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi
  • residual action
  • no resistance
  • very low dilution rate
  • extremely economical cost- in-use
  • versatile usage: spraying, foaming, fogging, booth dips, wheel dips
  • active at all temperatures
  • effective in hard water (even sea water)
  • effective in presence of organic matter
  • safe for equipment (neutral pH) and environment friendly

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