Dog Leads & Training Equipment

Our range of Dog Leads & Training Equipment is extremely popular.

We offer multiple different variations of dog leads ranging from handmade to heavy duty. Our handmade dog leads are also available in different lengths.

Training dummys are available in 3 different weights. 1/2lb, 1lb and 2lb.

We also stock a large amount of Acme whistles and bird calls for training.

Any questions regarding our Dog Leads & Training Equipment? Please give us a call on 01308 485422

  • £9.60 £14.40 inc VAT
    Bisley Dog Rope Slip Leads

    Bisley Rope Slip Leads

    Standard 10mm Heavy Duty 15mm
  • £6.60 £8.40 inc VAT
    Bisley Dog Dummies Green

    Bisley Canvas Dog Training Dummys – Green

    Quality canvas dummies with plastic toggle
  • £9.60 £10.80 inc VAT
    Handmade Dog Slip Lead

    Handmade Dog Slip Lead

    10 mm cotton rope, hand spliced and finished at Collins Nets. 1.2m or 1.5m total length
  • £6.00 inc VAT
    Ancol Corkscrew Dog Tether

    Ancol Corkscrew Dog Tether

    Ideal for whenever you need to secure your dog
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