Magpie Larsen Trap – Double Catch Top Entry

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The size of the trap is approximately 30″ x 30″ x 18″ high.

Buy 2 or more live catch traps and get 10% discount

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  • Description
  • Description

    Magpie Larsen Trap – Top Entry

    Live Catch Magpie Larsen Trap is ideal for Gamekeepers / Farmers requiring a quality pest control trap.

    You can download a copy of the instructions for this Live Catch Larsen Trap here. A copy of this will come with the box delivered to you: Larsen Trap Assembly PDF

    Please note: colour may vary.

    Buy 2 or more live catch traps and get 10% discount!

    The trap mechanism involves a spring door to each catching compartment which, when set, is held open by a split perch. To enter the trap, birds the size of a magpie or crow inevitably drop onto the perch. The perch gives way, and the bird’s momentum takes it past the bottom of the door, which flips up.

    Magpie Larsen Traps are live-catch traps. Why catch alive? Because of the risk of catching other birds. Virtually all such non-target birds are protected by law.

    Because Magpie Larsen traps are small, they can easily be moved around. Move traps around to deal with specific pairs of magpies. A few traps therefore will cover quite a large area.

    You might want to get some Metal Securing Pins to secure the trap to the ground. Cage cups can be attached to the inside of the trap to provide food or water.


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