Disinfectants, Cleaners & Water Sanitisers

We know how important it is to use the correct Disinfectants, Cleaners & Water Sanitisers to keep birds safe.

FAM 30 comes in a 5ltr or 25ltr option. It cleans and disinfects in one. It is DEFRA approved. Quickly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Our most popular cleaner is CID CLEAN sanitiser. It is a biodegradable sanitiser which make its perfect for water systems and drinking water including tanks, lines and drinkers. It is 50% hydrogen peroxide

Any questions regarding the Disinfectants, Cleaners & Water Sanitisers that we offer then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01308 485422.

  • £39.60 £180.00 inc VAT
    Fam 30 Disinfectant

    FAM 30 Disinfectant – 5 litres or 25 litres

    • DEFRA approved disinfectant for Foot & Mouth, Swine Vesicular, Avian Influenza, TB & General Orders • Cleans and disinfects in...
  • £26.40 inc VAT
    Gamestay Ultra Dri

    Gamestay Ultra Dri Disinfectant Powder – 25 kg

    Targets bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sprinkle on to the housing floor before adding bedding, whether it is straw, shavings or sawdust....
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  • £74.40 inc VAT
    CID Clean

    CID Clean Sanitiser – 10 litres

    Removes slime deposits (biofilm) Removes traces of medicaments & vitamins Effective against bacteria, fungi and algae Can be used whilst the...
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  • £240.00 inc VAT
    Interkokask Disinfectant

    Interkokask Disinfectant – 10 litre

    Key Points Interkokask known not to be corrosive at recommended ready-to-use dilutions. DEFRA approved Proven against coccidiocis, bacteria (salmonella), viruses (avian...
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  • £82.80 inc VAT
    CID 2000 – Water Sanitiser & Acidifier for Drinker Systems

    CID 2000 – Water Sanitiser & Acidifier for Drinker Systems

    CID 2000 has a triple action: Cleaning of the drinking system Removing both organic and inorganic (scale) dirt Optimizing the pH-level of the...
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  • £75.60 inc VAT
    Hysolv Footcheck Foot Dip

    Footcheck Foot Dip

    The Footcheck has been designed to improve the accuracy of dispensing concentrated disinfectants, achieving the correct dilution every time and providing...
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  • £8.40 inc VAT
    Hydramix Lime – 25kg

    Hydramix Lime – 25kg

    A unique blend of mixed lime for use in cow cubicles, poultry and stock sheds. Hydramix provides a rapid rise in...
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  • £92.40 £158.40 inc VAT
    Virocid Disinfectant

    Virocid Disinfectant – 10 litres or 20 litres

    Extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of 4 active ingredients. - “hospital grade” disinfectant - highly efficient to kill bacteria,...
  • £39.60 inc VAT
    DM CID Egg Wash

    Egg Wash – DM CID 25 kg

    DM CID is a liquid alkaline. This is especially formulated for washing dirty eggs, baskets and chick boxes. You can download...
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  • £32.40 inc VAT
    Pearce Ultra Breathe Disinfectant

    Pearce Ultra Breathe Disinfectant – 25kg

    Tackles the key areas of hygiene and animal respiratory issues with a combined approach to both problems.
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  • £63.60 inc VAT
    Biosafe Foaming Cleaner

    Biosafe Foaming Cleaner – 20ltrs

    Ideal for washing & cleaning equipment before disinfecting.
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  • £90.00 inc VAT
    Virex Disinfectant Powder 10kg

    Virex Disinfectant Powder – 10 kg

    Virex Disinfectant is a peroxygen based disinfectant for surfaces, equipment and water systems. Kilco Virex is very effective against major viral,...
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  • £74.40 inc VAT
    Biogel Cleaner

    Biogel Cleaner – 25 kg

    Biogel has an extreme adhering power, increasing the contact time needed for the chemical action, resulting in an excellent cleaning. Moreover,...
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  • £114.00 inc VAT
    Bio VX – 10kg

    Bio VX – 10kg

    CEFAS aquaculture disinfectant listing scheme approved and is effective against KHV A pink powder disinfectant Use at a dilution rate of...
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  • £144.00 inc VAT
    KC5000 Disinfectant

    KC5000 Disinfectant – 10ltr

    The missing link in coccidiosis control! very effective on the most resistant form of oocysts: sporulated oocysts formula based on phenol...
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  • £160.80 inc VAT
    GPC8 Disinfectant

    GPC8 Disinfectant – 25 Litres

    DEFRA approved disinfectant for Avian Influenza & General Orders Very effective at low dilution rates: 0.5-1%. Cost effective Can be used...
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  • £57.60 inc VAT
    ALTAIO Disinfectant Wipes - 700 pcs per tub

    Disinfectant Wipes – 700 pcs per tub

    These wipes are strongly soaked with a ready-made preparation for disinfecting surfaces and hands. Handy to have on your shoot day...
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  • £48.00 inc VAT
    Keno sept L

    Keno sept L – Hand Sanitising Solution – 5 ltrs

    Keno sept L is an alcoholic solution for hand hygiene by CID lines. Ideal to fill smaller spray bottles.
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