Goodnature A18 Squirrel Trap

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The long awaited grey squirrel trap solution is here! See full details below.

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We recommend purchasing an A18 Trap Guard to protect your trap!


  • Description
  • Description

    Goodnature A18 Squirrel Trap

    The Goodnature A18 is the world’s first automatic, self-resetting trap for the Grey Squirrel. The trap comes with a counter, to show the number of strikes, should the dispatched squirrel be scavenged. A tree mount and stainless steel screws, which is easily attached to a tree, post, etc. Hazelnut Lure, CO2, and success guide are all included too.

    Inside the box:

    PLEASE NOTE – TRAP DAMAGE CAN OCCUR THROUGH SQUIRRELS CHEWING THE TOP OF THE DEVICE. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT A TRAP GUARD IS USED TO PROTECT THE TRAP.  Grey Squirrels are prolific chewers, Goodnature UK can not be held responsible for damage caused in the field, should a Trap Guard not have been used.

    Goodnature Trap A18 Squirrel Traps. Box Contents.

    The trap is approved for the Grey Squirrel and (just like any other spring trap) must not be used where Red Squirrels are present and must be used according to the conditions of the Spring Trap Approval Order.

    The trap is legal for use in England as of 1st January 2019 and legal for use in Wales from 1st February 2019. There are no dates yet for legal use in Scotland or Northern Ireland.  

    Key Features:

    • Patented self-resetting technology
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Contains no toxins
    • Targeted and humane
    • Multi-award winning design
    • New Zealand designed and made

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