Goodnature A18 Squirrel Trap

The Goodnature A18 Squirrel Trap is due to be on sale in the UK by beginning of October!

Great news! The Goodnature A18 Grey Squirrel Trap has passed the standards required to be approved for sale and use under a Spring Traps Approval Order (STAO). The trap will be approved in England to catch grey squirrels and rats. The price will be roughly the same as the A24 Trap.

Mice will also be added to the A24 Trap approved target species list at the same time.

So what next? 

Defra are currently in the process of drafting the next Spring Trap Approval (England) Order. It is currently anticipated that this will come into force this Autumn.

We hope to be able to take pre-orders for the Goodnature A18 Squirrel trap from the beginning of September.

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Goodnature Squirrel Trap


2 Responses to “Goodnature A18 Squirrel Trap”

  1. Mark warn

    Have you any information on the lures/baits being used and how effective they are, any info on uk trials would be useful? Many thanks

    • Collins Nets

      Thank you for the enquiry.
      The lure that will be used is a dedicated Hazelnut lure that has been used successfully in non-lethal trials in Buckinghamshire.
      The next phase of trials will be held in August with the ESI and another conservation group.
      Best Regards,


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