Economy Pack: 6 x Goodnature A18 Squirrel Traps

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Inside the Economy Pack of 6 Goodnature A18 traps:

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Economy Pack – Goodnature A18 Squirrel Traps

The new The Spring Traps Approval (England) Order 2018 can be viewed by clicking here.

The trap is legal for use in England as of 1st January 2019 and legal for use in Wales from 1st February 2019. There are no dates yet for legal use in Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

Inside the Economy Pack of 6 Goodnature A18 traps:

(Also known as the Ecology Pack)

The Economy Pack provides a constant control network. Building a network helps to protect a greater area of habitat, wildlife and assets. The network helps keep grey squirrels under control, providing year round bio-security. Controlling grey squirrels will provide much needed support for Britain’s Songbirds, Native Red Squirrel and Broadleaf Woodland.

Our A18 Goodnature Squirrel traps automatically dispatch 18 grey squirrels one after the other, before you need to replace the gas canister. The trap comes with a tree mount which is easily attached to a tree, post, etc. Our digital counter lets you know how many grey squirrels have been dispatched. When the counter hits 18, you know it’s time to replace the CO2 Canister.

Your success is everyone’s success, if you have any questions or need any tips to keep efforts down and your success up, we’ll be happy to help.

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