Mouse and Rat Poison – 20kg Sack

Jade or Ruby Grain:

20 kg Sack = £42 ex. VAT

This item is in stock but we are no longer able to sell bulk poison online. Please see below for more details about the new regulations.

Please see the following link to obtain certification.

If you already have proof of certification or your farm assurance scheme membership please email or post them to us along with these forms:

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Mouse and Rat Poison 20kg Sack

As there are many different food sources in the farm environment the addition of Aniseed to the Mouse and Rat Poison (Bromadialone or Difenacoum) is very important.

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Aniseed helps to attract Mice and Rats to the grains rather than other food sources.

  • Bromadialone = Jade Green Grains
  • Difenacoum = Ruby Red Grains

Difenacoum and Bromadialone are multi-feed, synthetic, second-generation anti-coagulant rodenticides.

It kills rats and mice resistant to earlier anticoagulants such as Warfarin.

The active ingredient is formulated on ready to use whole grains containing 0.005%

We sell a variety of bait stations to hold your Mouse and Rat Poison in… check them out here. It is essential that all baits should be well protected from non-target animals.

We now supply a Single Feed premium whole grain & cut wheat – Take a look at the Sapphire Bait here!


Application rate:

For rat infestations use bait points of 90-100g. Place bait points 10 m apart reducing to 5 m in high infestations. Do not move or disturb bait points for several days after laying bait. If no signs of rat activity are seen near the bait after 7-10 days, move the bait to an area of higher rat activity.

For mouse infestations use bait points of 20-30g. Place bait points 5 m apart reducing to 2 m in high infestations. Mice are very inquisitive and it may help the control program to move baits every 2-3 days at the time when bait points are inspected or topped up.

Make frequent inspections of the bait points during the first 10-14 days and replace any bait eaten by rodents or that has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt

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Think Wildlife CRRU Regulations

To ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure of wildlife it will be more difficult for everyone to buy professional baits in bulk.

Anyone wishing to purchase stewardship label products will have to provide proof of competence at point-of-sale.

This can be either a certificate from an approved training course on rodent control or, until December 2017 for farmers, up-to-date proof of membership of an assurance scheme whose audited standards include a requirement for safe and effective rodent control. To find out the latest CRRU approved certification and farm assurance schemes please see the Think Wildlife ( website.

Please see the following link to obtain certification:

If you already have proof of certification or your farm assurance scheme membership please email or post them to us along with these forms:

For any more information please give us a call 01308 485422


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