How to Kill Red Mites?

Red Mites are only active during mild weather, so this can be the worst time of year for it in the U.K. During cold weather, the mites become dormant and do not feed.

Red mite can usually be spotted under perch ends and in cracks where birds roost. Mature mites are up to 1mm in size so are visible with the naked eye. They also leave a tell-tale grey ‘ash like’ excretion which is sometimes easier to spot.

We have a few key products available to aid in the control of Red Mites.


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But the question is: how to kill red mites?

1. Be proactive throughout the year

The best course of action is to check for red mite regularly as the weather starts to warm up. Try to look for signs when you clean your poultry house out and use some preventative treatment. We have found that Smite Organic Powder is ideal for this.

  • Apply at the ends of the perches and nest boxes as these are prime Red Mite areas.
  • Rub as much into the perches as you can
  • Repeat every couple of days for as long as you see signs of red mite in the coop.

2. Infestation

To Kill Red Mites – Collins Nets recommends to use Perbio Choc throughout the poultry house, soaking it thoroughly. Once dry follow with Smite Organic Powder for residual action. re-apply Smite powder as and when required.

  • Remove all birds from the house.
  • Clean the house out removing as much bedding as possible
  • Prepare watering cans of PERBIO CHOC (or Spray bottles – perbio choc is ready to use)
  • ‘Water’ all cracks in the chicken house, concentrating where there are perch ends and concentrations of red mite.
  • Leave to soak
  • Hose out the house, concentrating on getting into the cracks
  • Leave the house to dry.
  • Apply Smite Powder inside the house and in particular the perches.
  • Smite can also be used on the poultry in the feathers. It will also relieve stress caused by the mites overnight feeding.

Smite (Diatomaceous Earth) is made of micro skeletons of fossilized remains of diatoms. They are microscopically sharp and pierce the outer waxy coating of the mites which causes them to dry out and die. It is this ‘broken glass’ effect which is deadly to any insect, but harmless to animals, fish, fowl, food and humans.

Customer Feedback:

“The chicken shed was completely infested with red mites! First of all I cleaned out the shed, and most of the nest box bedding. You could feel the mites on you, in the nest boxes, perches everywhere! I bought the Smite Organic Powder as an alternative to what I had to do most other years which is washing out the shed with a strong disinfectant. This used to be very time consuming and didn’t give a complete result. I slung the Smite all around the shed and covered the perches and cracks and crevices thoroughly.

After 24 hours the mites had substantially gone and within 3 days there is no sign of the mites at all. Even the Chickens must be happier as they have started to lay more eggs again!”



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