Shelterflex Sheeting 2014 BACK IN STOCK

Shelterflex Sheeting delivery is here!

SHELTERFLEX sheeting is ideal for cladding brooder houses, shelters, moveable pens and general purpose pens. This helps TO PREVENT DAMAGE FROM WILD BIRDS, wind and rain, therefore cutting mortality and food loss.

All of our rolls are approximately 250g per square metre

SHELTERFLEX is laminated and reinforced with polyethylene yarn. The clear fabric is 100% waterproof, UV stabilised and comes with reinforcement webbing on the edges. It allows light transmission of approximately 70%.

Get ready for 2014!

It is most commonly used by gamekeepers for providing waterproof and weatherproof protection for rearing pen walls. It can also be used to provide shelter & protection in your own outside work space.

Get your orders in sooner rather than later as these rolls sold quick last year!