Testimonial from VS Fisheries

We are so grateful to receive this testimonial from VS Fisheries.


“Having used Collins Nets for various products from seine nets to fencing materials for over 25 years we cant fault the quality products and service that they provide to us.

We use various nets here at VS Fisheries, from holding cages through to 100m x 4m Seine Nets. What do they have in common?  Well they are all made by Collins Nets …. Quality materials, superbly constructed and most of all tough enough for the job. Added to the extensive catalogue of tried and tested products for the fisheries professional. They are often the only phone call we need to make for a lot of the kit we need.

Highly recommended by all at VS Fisheries Ltd”

Viv Shears, VS Fisheries Ltd


About the business

VS Fisheries have around 60 outdoor ponds that range from small fry ponds through to over 4 acres. The farm is one of the largest in the UK and is solely dedicated to the breeding and farming of carp. All the fish are spawned and reared on site, using hand selected broodstock. Please take a look at their website here to find out more about them.


Here at Collins Nets we have been making Seine Nets and Fish Cages for over 30 years, and Viv Shears has been our customer for most of that time. We have supplied pretty much everything we can, from crayfish traps to clothing including Drysuits, Waders and Gloves for the students at Sparsholt College.  Drysuits . We also help with any ongoing repairs and of course all kinds of nets for the Fish Farm.


Basically we aim to stock as many useful products for the Fisheries industry as we can, alongside our bespoke hand made nets. When we asked Viv if we were missing anything from our range he said ‘Can’t think of anything unless you have a weather controller available!‘. So hopefully that means we have got pretty much everything covered!



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Thank you again to Viv for this great review.



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