Spiral Spring Feeder Attachment

£3.00 inc VAT

A quality, zinc coated metal feeder, with a 5″ diameter base plate welded on and with 3 fixing holes.

Best price on 100 or more, discount on 50 or more!


  • Description
  • Description

    Spiral Spring Feeder Attachment

    The spiral spring feeder is popular with Gamekeepers. They are all metal, so no plastic parts for squirrels to eat.

    Spiral Spring Feeder

    Because it is versatile the Spiral feeder is one of the most widely used attachments on the market. It can be fitted to most types of drum or barrel feeder, using a 37mm / 1½ inch hole in the base. It can also be screwed in to secure it.

    Spiral feeders are a unique and effective way for feeding poultry or game birds. Designed with practicality in mind; the spiral feeder is easy to use and install. Birds have to work for their food, it reduces waste and keeps pests at bay.

    Fill a container with grain (whole wheat or barley) or standard poultry or gamebird pellets. The feed will then filter in to the spring.

    Once your birds see the feed contained within the spring they will naturally begin to peck the spring to get at it. The feeder requires a definitive peck from the bird before it releases any food to the ground beneath for the birds to eat. Therefore keeping birds active, and out of trouble, by making them work for their feed.

    These feeders can be attached to the Emperor feeder.

    Spiral Spring attached to our 30kg Drum Feeders:

    Alternative bird feeder attachments are available here.

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    Weight .27 kg
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