Magnum Bodygrip 116 Trap

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The Magnum Bodygrip 116 Trap features a stronger spring for the control of rats, grey squirrels, rabbits and mink.

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Magnum Bodygrip 116 Trap

The Magnum Bodygrip 116 Trap is a larger version of the #110 trap featuring a stronger spring for the control of rats, grey squirrels, rabbits and mink.



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Magnum Bodygrip 116 traps feature a four way trigger which fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger from any direction, including the side. The shape of the flexible trigger wires can be simply changed, altering the strike area to suit individual circumstances. The more experienced in their use you become the more you will see their potential.

The #116 trap is approved for mice, rats, weasel, stoat, grey squirrel plus rabbit and mink.

All spring traps in the UK must be set within natural or artificial tunnels, properly positioned and shielded against non-target species. We think spring traps should be checked twice a day for maximum effectiveness. The side spring system of the ‘Bodygrip’ trap means you can see if it has fired without approaching too close and possibly disturbing the ‘set’.

Magnum Bodygrip Traps should always be protected from children and non-target species.

Take a look at the setting instructions here!

We have also made a short video about ‘Setting a Magnum Bodygrip Trap’:

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