Tornado T2000 Whistle

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Recommended at any time that real power is required.


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  • Description

    Acme Tornado T2000 Whistle

    The Acme Tornado T2000 is the industry standard pealess whistle. Ideal for any safety and rescue situation, but can also be used for Dog Training. In fact this is the whistle used for all the FIFA referees!

    The extra high frequency of the Tornado 2000 hits heights not reached by any other whistle, this high pitch gives greater penetration and creates a crescendo of sound that cuts through even the greatest crowd noise.

    The T2000 has Three chambers: Two ultra high frequencies to cut through background noise and one low frequency for great distance.

    The Acme Tornado T2000 is S.O.L.A.S approved!

    A pealess whistle is designed for extreme cold weather. The pea in a whistle can free from the saliva that gets on it at sub zero temperatures.

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