Windbreak Netting

We offer multiple different types of windbreak netting.

Our 85% high density polyethylene lock stitched netting comes in 2 different heights/lengths. We offer it in a 3ft x 100 metres and in a 6ft x 50 metres. It weighs approximately 120g per square meter. This netting is lock stitched to stop the fabric from running at the edge.

This netting is ideal for protecting young game birds, crops and young plants from the weather.

The extruded windbreak netting is available in either a standard or large sizing.

The standard weighs approximately 360g per square metre and comes in 1 metre x 50 metre rolls.

The large weighs approximately 450g per square metre and comes in 1.5 metre x 30 metre rolls.

If you have any questions please call us on 01308 485422

  • £180.00 inc VAT
    Woven Windbreak NettingDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Woven Windbreak Netting 85% – 3ft & 6ft Heights

    Buy 2 or more rolls for the best prices!  
  • £162.00 inc VAT
    High Strength Extruded Wind Protection Netting

    High Strength Extruded Wind Protection Netting – 1.5 mtrs x 30 mtrs

    Mesh 25 mm x 10 mm Roll Size - 1.5 mtr x 30 mtrs High Strength - 450 g per sq....
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  • £150.00 inc VAT
    Extruded Wind Protection Netting

    Extruded Wind Protection Netting – 1 mtr x 50 mtrs rolls

    Standard - 12mm x 5mm mesh size. Weight: 360g per square metre Size: 1 mtr x 50 mtr Roll Reduces wind...
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