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Gamekeepers are primary custodians of large tracts of the UK landscape and its wildlife. Upholding this responsibility requires two particular factors to be addressed:

  1. Game bird rearing locations are a magnet for rats.
  2. Those locations are rich in at-risk wildlife.

It has been recognised that there is a need to address the concerns surrounding the responsible use of rodenticides and the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure of wildlife.

Professional pest controllers, farmers and gamekeepers purchasing stewardship label products will require proof of competence at point-of-sale.

This can be either a certificate from an approved training course on rodent control or an up-to-date proof of membership of an assurance scheme whose audited standards include a requirement for safe and effective rodent control. To find out the latest CRRU approved certification and farm assurance schemes please see the Think Wildlife website.

Here is the link to the CRRU Code of Best Practice PDF – View & Download!

One of the most important things for you (our customers) is to know how to obtain the certification required:

If you already have proof of certification or your farm assurance scheme membership please email or post them to us along with these forms:

  • CRRU Approved Certification Declaration (CLICK HERE) – This is anyone with Proof of Competence Certificates
  • CRRU Aligned Farm Assurance Scheme Declaration (CLICK HERE) – This is for anyone with an approved Farm Assurance Membership Scheme number

From March 1st 2018 the European Chemicals Agency, have required that the maximum level of active ingredient for general public use must be reduced from 0.005% to 0.003%.


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