Tripod Drinker – 10 ltr Capacity

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Constructed of UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene these drinkers are designed to cope with the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms across the globe.

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Tripod Drinker – 10 ltr Capacity

This plastic hopper is designed and made by a British company made from UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene. These drinkers are designed to endure the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms.

These drinkers have a solid tripod base, which is as light as it is durable. The heavy duty carrying handle is designed to cope with the loads encountered when filling and moving the body. The high capacity water pan is easily accessible to all poultry and gamebird species.

The water hoppers on the tripod drinkers are easy to fill and the fact that they are made of translucent plastic means that you can easily see the level of the water as you fill and maintain the drinker.

Filling the hopper is quick and easy – while you’re filling the hopper, seal the spigot with a rubber key style bung. Once you place the hopper onto the tripod, you remove the bung, slacken off the carrying handle and let the pan fill. As soon as it has covered the outlet pipe, you just need to tighten up the carrying handle, creating a vacuum which controls the release of water as your birds drink.

We also stock the 20ltr and 30 ltr capacity drinkers. 

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