T20 Drinker

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Automatic floor drinker.

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  • Description
  • Description

    T20 Drinker

    The T20 drinker is an automatic floor drinker suitable for up to 150 chicks. It has a adjustable float to regulate the depth of water. It has a trough diameter of 177 mm and a height of 57mm.

    Buy a box of 50 or more for the best price!


    The T20 drinker guarantees easy access to the water for chicks during the first 10 days of life and provides the breeder with a useful, hard-wearing, simple-to-use and economic work tool. It is suitable for Quail, Pheasants or Partridges.

    The float had 12 settings for adjusting the height of the water.

    The T20 is made in the highest quality plastics by Tigsa. The design adapts easily to any type of installation and all types of birds. The T20 system can be quickly installed and dismantled with no need for tools.

    Because of the shape of the cone on this drinker it helps to stop the chicks from climbing on to the drinker.

    Chicks from day 1 will have a guaranteed easy access to water.

    We also sell the Complete Ball Valve and the O ring separately.

    Top tip

    Water sanitisers are essential for good biosecurity. Adding medicines or nutritional supplements in to a drinking system creates a biofilm which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Because of that we recommend the use of CID Clean which is a biodegradable sanitiser. It is safe for your birds whilst the drinking system is in use.

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