Square Mesh Netting 19mm (¾”)

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This quality netting multi purpose. Commonly used as garden netting, pond netting, anti predator netting, game bird netting & for fruit cages.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Square Mesh Netting 19mm

    This square mesh netting 19mm is multi purpose. From fruit cages, keeping out kingfishers out from ponds or lakes and as game bird netting for small game birds, for example partridge and quail.

    This knotted netting is manufactured from virgin grade black polyethylene. It is ultra violet stabilised and water and run resistant. Made from 1.0 mm twine.

    This strong polyethylene netting is the highest standard bird netting available. Ideal for use as garden netting or as a bird barrier for your industrial site, this netting will keep birds as small as sparrows out all year round.

    Samples are available – contact us – 01308 485422

    We stock large quantities of netting ready to ship on a next day service whenever you need it!

    Not only will this high density polyethylene netting keep those pesky sparrows away from your crops, but this versatile netting can also be used to stop balls going where they shouldn’t!

    Avian Influenza – Biosecurity Advice

    If you keep poultry, wildfowl, pheasants or other captive birds, you must take action to reduce the risk of bird flu and other diseases in your flock. There is a reoccurring threat of avian influenza in the UK over winter. Good biosecurity limits the spread of disease in an outbreak.

    An outbreak of bird flu in back garden chickens results in the same restrictions on movement of birds. It has the same effect on farmers and trade in poultry as an outbreak on a commercial farm.

    Square Mesh Netting in 19mm is the best option because it will keep out the smallest of birds.

    To ensure good biosecurity, all poultry keepers should:

    • minimise movement in and out of bird enclosures
    • clean footwear before and after visiting birds, using a Defra approved disinfectant at entrances and exits
    • clean and disinfect vehicles and equipment that have come into contact with poultry
    • keep areas where birds live clean and tidy, and regularly disinfect hard surfaces such as paths and walkways
    • humanely control rats and mice
    • place birds’ food and water in fully enclosed areas protected from wild birds, and remove any spilled feed regularly
    • avoid keeping ducks and geese with other poultry species, where possible
    • keep birds separate from wildlife and wild waterfowl by putting suitable fencing around outdoor areas they access
    • keep a close watch on birds for any signs of disease and report any very sick birds or unexplained deaths to your vet

    Collins Nets provide a range of products that can help. Please take a look here!


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    19mm – 11 ft x 25 ft, 19mm – 11 ft x 50 ft, 19 mm – 22 ft x 25 ft, 19 mm – 22 ft x 50 ft, 19 mm – 16 ft x 32 ft, 19mm – 16 ft x 50 ft, 19 mm – 32 ft x 32 ft, 19 mm – 50 ft x 50 ft, 19 mm – 50 ft x 100 ft, 19 mm – 50 ft x 150 ft, 19 mm – 50 ft x 300 ft

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