King Outdoor Feeder – 25kg

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  • Description
  • Description

    King Outdoor Feeder

    The King Outdoor Feeder has a 25kg feed capacity and comes with the black rain cover.

    It has a pan diameter of 480mm and a depth of 75mm. Use outdoors by using the black heavy duty rain cover as shown. This protects the feed from the elements.

    Suitable for all types of game birds, poultry, turkeys and waterfowl.  Therefore it is the feeder of choice in the game rearing industry as well as being very popular with poultry keepers with larger flocks.

    The king feeder is the most popular feeder we supply because they are durable, easy to assemble and to clean.

    Buy 10 or more to get the best price!

    It can used very successfully outside because it is fitted with a specially designed rain hat that gives total protection from any wet weather.

    Gamekeeper tip: Use an old tyre over the top of the rain cover to weigh the feeder down in exposed sites!

    A capacity of 25kg makes it one of the largest feeders available on the market therefore making it one that is ideal for all situations. This feeder holds a full sack of game or poultry feed therefore making it very convenient.

    These feeders are made in the U.K. by BEC

    The King Feeder is also available with a clear tube and clear rain hat so that you can see the level of the feed inside from a distance.

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  • Additional information

    Weight 3.6 kg
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  • Do Manola and King feeder spare parts fit both feeders?

    No, unfortunately Manola and King feeder spare parts are slightly different sizes. We do have all spares for both feeders available to buy on our website. If you are unsure then please give us a call on 01308 485422.

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