Jumbo Release Pen Netting 4ft x 100mtrs

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Jumbo Release Pen Netting is also known as Heavy Game Net. It is an excellent alternative to wire netting.

Buy 10 or more rolls and get 10% off!


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  • Description
  • Description

    Jumbo Release Pen Netting 4ft x 100mtrs

    Jumbo Release Pen Netting 4ft is also known as heavy game net. It is an excellent alternative to wire netting therefore very easy to handle and to erect. It will not rust and is exceptionally strong.

    Jumbo is a semi-rigid, ultra violet stabilised black polypropylene netting that weighs 80 grams per square metre. It is high strength mesh structure which has been designed to provide an effective control barrier at a cost effective price.

    The black 2″ x 2″ (45mm x 50mm) mesh is unobtrusive and merges into the background.

    Commonly purchased for building release pens, but in addition it is often used as deer fencing.

    Buy 10 or more rolls and get 10% off!

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    Release Pens

    Gamekeepers often use a combination of wire netting and plastic fencing to make release pens. To construct the release pen fence you need an overall height of about 7 ft, with about 1 ft buried below ground or turned out and secured down with U pins to stop predators from digging in. A further foot should be turned out at the top to hold back predators that try to jump or climb in.

    Many follow the guidelines set out by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust for release pen construction. However every Gamekeeper has their own way!

    Jumbo Release Pen Netting in the 4ft height is our most popular option for Gamekeepers. 5ft and 6ft heights are also available.

    If you have any questions please give us a call – 01308 485422

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