Heavy Duty Weed Nets – 25 mtrs or 50 mtrs x 1 mtr deep

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These nets are rigged by us to the same high standard as our Seine Nets. They have CN4 Floats and 3oz Leads at every 18″ and are ideal for removing weed growth.



  • Description
  • Description

    Heavy Duty Weed Nets

    We rig our Heavy Duty Weed Nets by hand, here at Collins Nets.

    Our weed nets are made in a comparable way to our Seine nets, with 22 mm knotless mesh fully rigged with 3oz barrel leads at 18″ and CN4 floats at 18″, therefore making this net ideal for removing weed growth & surface algae.

    We use 1.3mm braided twine to rig the Nylon knotless netting to 10 mm low stretch quality rope with floats and leads.

    The sizes listed here are certainly our most popular options however,

    we can make weed nets to any length or depth you require.

    To efficiently remove common algae and weeds, simply pull the net over the surface of the water.

    We add a sweep and handle to all 4 corners of our weed nets. Subsequently, this makes them easy to attach to a bridle or can be used by hand. These sweeps make longer nets that may get heavy as they are being maneuvered during use, much easier to use.

    For further guidance on using a seine net see page 10 of this IFCA Fish Survey Best Practice guide. Fish-survey-best-practice-guidance.pdf.

    The main components of a Heavy Duty Weed net are,



    • If you place an online, we will give you a call to confirm the order details.
    • Samples of netting are available – contact us here
    • Heavy Duty Weed Nets are rigged to order. We only keep in stock a limited number of sizes.
    • If you have any questions give us a call – 01308 485 422 – we are here to help!


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  • Additional information


    25 mtrs x 1 mtr deep, 50 mtrs x 1 mtr deep

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  • What is a Seine Net?

    A seine net is fishing net that hangs vertically in the water with its bottom edge held down by weights and its top edge buoyed by floats.

    It is operated by hand using the two ropes fixed to its ends for hauling and herding the fish.

    The type of seine nets we make are also known as drag nets or beach seines. They are commonly used all over the world in marine waters, lakes or large rivers.

    We having been rigging Seine Nets at Collins Nets for 35 years.

    Do you make nets to any size?

    Bird netting can be made to a bespoke size, but there will be a lead time involved. We can also cut nets to size from what we have in stock as long as it doesn’t create waste. Please call us on 01308 485422 to discuss your requirements.

    Game Bird Netting

    Seine Nets can be made to any size. We list a large variety online. But these nets can easily be adapted to meet your requirements. Whether you need your net slightly longer, more floats, leads or leadline – please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    210/18 - 12.5 mm Seine Nets


    What is the meter to feet conversion?

    The majority of our product sizes are given in metre and feet and inches. For your convenience, please find the metric to imperial conversion below.

    1 meter = 3.28 foot


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