Gamestay Ultra Dri Disinfectant Powder – 25 kg

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Targets bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Sprinkle on to the housing floor before adding bedding, whether it is straw, shavings or sawdust. It is suitable for flooring with or without matting.


  • Description
  • Description

    Gamestay Ultra Dri – 25kg

    Gamestay Ultra Dri is an absorbent dry disinfectant powder. Contains Defra approved disinfectant which approved disinfect which enables it to act as an effective bactericide, fungicide and viricide.

    You can download or view the information sheet here: Ultra Dri Leaflet

    Before adding bedding, sprinkle on to the housing floor. Whether it is straw, shavings or sawdust. Suitable for flooring with or without matting.

    Key Features:

    • Firstly, it quickly reduces ammonia and other noxious gases
    • Secondly, it acts very quickly to kill most pathogens with 5 minutes
    • It also works in contact with the bedding and waste.

    Targets bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    Suitable for use with all types of livestock. For example game birds, pigs, cattle, equine and poultry.

    Ultra Dri is safe for chicken coops, commercial flocks and those keeping backyard chickens. In addition it can be used as nest box powder as it is a dry sanitiser.

    U: Unique blend of natural minerals
    L: Livestock health & hygiene improver
    T: Takes care of environment for stock & handlers
    R: Remove soiled bedding & sprinkle – simple!
    A: Absorbs moisture

    D: Destroys breeding grounds for bacteria
    R: Reduces smell
    I: Improves conditions for ALL livestock


    In addition Ultra Dri is now available with mint & eucalyptus to help with respiratory issues. This product is called Ultra Breathe.

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  • Additional information

    Weight 25 kg
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  • I am unsure on which disinfectant I need?

    We sell disinfectants to suit a range of different jobs. Please give us a call and we can advise you on the best disinfectant for the task at hand.

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