Red Top Fly Bag

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Red Top Fly Bag

  • A unique and safe product, non-toxic, simple to use and chemical free.
  • Place around your livestock and poultry sheds or stables.
  • Requires sunlight and warmth to get going and once set up will begin working within a few days and last up to 12 weeks.

Flies can be a real nuisance at any time of year, but they are particularly so during the summer months when they invade our homes, farms, smallholdings and stables.


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Now at last, there is a safe and effective way to trap and deal with them

How to use:

  1. Remove the cap at the top
  2. Half fill the fly bag with water
  3. Replace the cap, ensuring it is clipped securely in to place
  4. Hang the trap outdoors in the sun, following the ‘Where to use’ instructions below
  5. Throw away the trap when full and replace with a new trap if necessary

Where to use:

  • Hang the trap outdoors on trees, strong bushes or pillars, in a position with good sunlight
  • Hang the trap around 15 mtrs away from living environment, and 5 mtrs from suspected breeding ground (for example, waste, manure or compost heap, chicken run)
  • Ideal height 1.5-2 mtrs above the ground in an area protected from wind
  • During hot weather hang the trap in a semi shaded area
  • Hang the trap in direct sunlight when weather is cooler as flies tend to congregate in warm areas.

For optimal results:

  • The trap takes 3 days to reach the height of its activity
  • Use multiple traps in large areas
  • Top up weekly with water and as the trap fills up with flies.

How to dispose of the trap:

  • Slit the bag and drain in to a compost or garden bed, dead flies are rich in nutrients and so will add to the compost
  • Or place the trap in a bin bag, tied tightly, and dispose in to a refuse bin

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