Double Fyke Nets for Eels and Fish

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A long, bag-shaped fishing net held open by hoops for catching eels and fish.

5 Hoop Double Dee – 10 mm, 14 mm & 17 mm – 53cm x (2 x 2.75mtrs) – 20ft Leader



  • Description
  • Description

    Double Fyke Net for Eels & Fish

    This double Fyke net has a D shaped front hoop.

    Two long, bag-shaped fishing nets held open by 5 hoops and connected together with a 20ft/6m leader. Commonly referred to as a ‘funnel net’.

    These double Fyke nets are made using 10 mm, 14 mm & 17 mm Knotless Mesh.

    Fyke nets can be set on the open coast, in enclosed water bodies and in large channels or so the leaders block smaller channels.

    For open coasts or estuary edges a double fyke is recommended. And in addition, should be set so the middle section of net between the frames is perpendicular to the shore.

    How does a Fyke net work?

    Fish are herded towards the mouth of the trap by the wings or leader of the net. As the fish travels down the cylinder of netting it is guided into the wide end of the cones of netting and out through the smaller end and into the next chamber. The easiest way out of this chamber is through the next cone of netting and eventually into the enclosed bag at the end of the net. Escape from this section is difficult, therefore the fish are usually retained here until the net is hauled in.

    Fyke nets are generally operated in shallow coastal waters, such as estuaries and sheltered bays. They are usually set in contact to the bottom and hauled or checked for catch on a daily basis. Or every tide (12 hours)

    Instructions and help on using Fyke nets can be found on page 9 of the IFCA Fish Survey Best Practice guide Fish-survey-best-practice-guidance.pdf

    • 5 Hoop Double Dee – 10 mm, 14mm & 17 mm – 53cm x (2 x 2.75mtrs) – 20ft/6m Leader

    Additional wings or leaders are also available, along with Otter Guards.


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    5 Hoop Double Dee – 20ft Leader, 5 Hoop Double Round – 20ft Leader

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