Anti Predator Bird Netting 100mm (4″)

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Commonly used at Fish Farms across the UK as anti predator netting.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Anti Predator Bird Netting 100mm (4″)

    Anti Predator Bird Netting 100mm (4″) is a knotted square mesh netting. Manufactured from virgin grade black polyethylene. It is ultra violet stabilised and water and run resistant therefore very high quality.

    This knotted netting is very strong:

    • Twine/mesh breaking strength: 32 kg
    • Knot breaking strength: 49 kg

    Protect your lakes and ponds!

    Excludes predators; for example Herons, Ospreys, Seagulls and Cormorants.

    In addition this netting an also be used as perimeter netting for sports for example football or rugby.


    Samples available – contact us here- 01308 485422

    Testimonial from VS Fisheries:

    “Quality materials, superbly constructed and most of all tough enough for the job. Added to the extensive catalogue of tried and tested products for the fisheries professional. They are often the only phone call we need to make for a lot of the kit we need.

    Highly recommended by all at VS Fisheries Ltd”

    Collins Nets netting used in Fish Farms across the UK and Europe. Take a look at our full range of Fisheries products in the most recent catalogue here.

    If you would like a copy posted out to you, please give us a call or email. 01308 485422 –


  • Additional information
  • Additional information

    Piece Size

    100 mm – 50 ft x 50 ft, 100 mm – 50 ft x 100 ft, 100 mm – 20 ft x 150 ft, 100 mm – 30 ft x 150 ft, 100 mm – 50 ft x 150 ft, 100 mm – 100 ft x 150 ft, 100 mm – 50 ft x 300 ft, 100 mm – 100 ft x 300 ft, 100 mm – 50 ft x 100 ft

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  • Do you make nets to any size?

    Bird netting can be made to a bespoke size, but there will be a lead time involved. We can also cut nets to size from what we have in stock as long as it doesn’t create waste. Please call us on 01308 485422 to discuss your requirements.

    Game Bird Netting

    Seine Nets can be made to any size. We list a large variety online. But these nets can easily be adapted to meet your requirements. Whether you need your net slightly longer, more floats, leads or leadline – please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    210/18 - 12.5 mm Seine Nets


    What is the meter to feet conversion?

    The majority of our product sizes are given in metre and feet and inches. For your convenience, please find the metric to imperial conversion below.

    1 meter = 3.28 foot


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