Alke AP2 Gas Brooder

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The Alke AP2 brooder is thermostatically controlled and is the ideal solution for smaller operating areas.

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  • Description

    Alke AP2 Gas Brooder

    The Alke AP2 Gas Brooder is thermostatically controlled and 1 brooder is suitable for up to 1200 chicks.

    It has an operating range of between 1.2 kw and 5.6 kw this brooder can maintain a heat range of between 4,100btu/h and 19,100btu/h.

    These low maintenance brooders are made from stainless steel and have no breakable ceramics. As a result, they are an excellent solution for smaller rearing sheds.

    Each brooder comes complete with a pressure regulator, thermostat, 2m of propane pipe, 2m of hanging chain, metal S-hooks and hose clips.

    Chicks require warmth as soon as the eggs hatch. Alke Heating Technology have been supplying quality brooders for over 40 years. More than 1.6 million Alke Infrared heaters have already found their way to over 90 countries worldwide. Because of that they distinguish themselves from the competition.

    All of the Alke gas brooders that Collins Nets supply are tested before they leave Holland, ensuring no worries for our customers and warmth for the chicks!

    An optimal environment is of great importance to poultry. Especially the first days of growth creates the foundation for the animals’ further development. Research has shown that the use of infrared heating stimulates the growth of young animals. This is because of the radiant heat that warms the animals. This radiation can be compared to the heat from the sun.

    The model AP2 is mainly used in the poultry industry. The brooders are standard equipped with Stainless steel dust filter and a safety device in combination with thermocouple. We are offering the version complete with the thermostat; making your life easier.

    Alke Ap2 Gas Brooder

    Advantages of the Alke AP2 gas Brooders:
    – Direct radiation of radiant heat
    – Temperature raise within seconds
    – Almost soundless and no air movement
    – Wide operating range in gas pressure and capacity
    – Stainless steel construction

    The advantages of gas-infrared heating:
    1. Speeding up animals’ growth.
    2. Lower investment costs.
    3. Quick and efficient warming-up time.
    4. No airflow and operating quietly.
    5. Allows heating an area without walls.
    6. 50% less CO2 emission compared to conventional heating.
    7. 60% energy conservation compared to conventional heating.

    Buy 4 or more for the best price!

    See our full range of Alke Brooders here.

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