Acme Black Swivel Hook Neck Lanyard

£2.10 inc VAT

Ideal for whistles & bird calls


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    Acme Dog Whistle Pro Trialler 212

    Acme Pro Trialler Dog Whistle 212

    This special whistle holds its frequency no matter how loud you blow. Your dog will always know it’s their whistle.
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  • £3.60 inc VAT
    Acme T2000 Tornado Whistle

    Tornado T2000 Whistle

    Recommended at any time that real power is required.
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  • £6.96 inc VAT
    Acme Dog Whistle 211.5

    Acme Dog Whistle 211.5 (Choc Brown)

    Medium high pitch, single note, preferred by Labrador and Retriever trainers; good distance whistle. Colour = Chocolate Brown
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