Thermostatic Brooder

  • £252.00 inc VAT
    Global 5 Gas BrooderDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Global 5 Gas Brooder/Heater with Filters

    Supplied complete with a thermostat, regulator, 3 metres of gas pipe, jubilee clips, S hooks and chains. Assembled and tested by...
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  • £288.00 inc VAT
    Global 10 gas brooderDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Global 10 Gas Brooder/Heater with filters

    The Global 10 design is suitable for up to 2,000 day old chicks and has a very large heat range of...
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  • £182.40 inc VAT
    Alke AP2 Gas Brooder/HeaterDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Alke AP2 Gas Brooder/Heater

    The Alke AP2 brooder is thermostatically controlled and is the ideal solution for smaller operating areas. Buy 4 or more for...
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