Wire Fencing Accessories

Along with our wire fencing we offer all the right accessories to complete the job.

Whether you are wanting to secure your wire to fence posts or attach it to straining wire. We have the tools and supplies to do this.

We offer multiple options of staples, securing pins and straining wire.

If our galvanised wire netting is not right for you then why not take a long at the stock fencing and weldmesh that we offer?

Our galvanised hog rings and pliers are the perfect pair to attach wire fencing to straining wire. The pliers will also cut wire up to 3mm in diameter!

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  • £13.20 inc VAT
    Heavy duty fox gridDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Fox Grid Pop Hole

    Buy 10 or more grids for the best price!
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  • £8.40 inc VAT

    Galvanised A18 Hog Rings – Pack of 1000

    Galvanised steel ringed staples for use with our Simes 1200 Model Fence Tool. Buy 24,000 (24 boxes) for the best price!...
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  • £1.20 £15.00 inc VAT
    Cable Ties

    Cable Ties – Pack of 100

    Buy a full box for discount prices!
  • £33.60 inc VAT
    Metal Securing U Pins or J Pins – Box of 100DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Metal Securing U Pins or J Pins – Box of 100

    Can be used to fix down galvanised wire netting, release pen netting and ground reinforcement mesh. Buy 600 for the best...
  • £3.00 inc VAT
    Ratchet Wire TensionerDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Ratchet Wire Tensioner

    Standard Clip Lock Wire Tensioner Smooth clicking action Easily operated Buy 10 or more for the best price!
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  • £34.80 inc VAT
    Simes Hog Ring Pliers – 1200 Model

    Simes Hog Ring Pliers – 1200 Model

    For use with A18 Hog Rings Make your life easy with this tool!
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  • £19.20 £66.00 inc VAT
    7 Strand Electric Fence WireDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    7 Strand Electric Fence Wire – 200 mtr reel

    Popular with gamekeepers for creating a fox / badger deterrent around a release pen. Buy a box of 4 for the...
  • £3.00 inc VAT
    Insulated Ratchet Wire TensionerDISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Insulated Ratchet Wire Tensioner

    Buy a box of 10 or more for the best price!
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  • £58.80 £67.20 inc VAT
    Straining Wire – 25kg Coils

    Straining Wire – 25kg Coils

    Standard 2.5 mm diameter mild steel or high tensile 2.5 mm diameter.
  • £26.40 inc VAT
    Wire Ties

    Wire Ties 18″ – Per 1000

    The wire tie tool is also available.
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  • £12.00 inc VAT
    Wire Tie Tool

    Wire Tie Tool 12″

    Wire Tie Tool is for use with the 18" 16 gauge Wire Ties
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  • £9.60 inc VAT
    Hammer Fence Tool

    Hammer Fence Tool

    This product is a useful tool - it will hammer, cut wire, remove staples, grip and tension wire.
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  • £126.00 inc VAT
    Galvanised spinning jenny

    Galvanised Spinning Jenny for Straining Wire

    Using a Spinning Jenny is the simplest way to uncoil standard or high tensile steel wire for permanent fence runs, without...
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