Bird Netting

Collins Nets is a leading supplier of bird netting. We know how important it is to offer a wide range of sizes. Making it easy for you to get the right net for what you need.

Our netting twine comes in a range of diameters. It is also UV stabilised and water/run resistant.

We can cover anything from pen sections to lakes and ponds. Whether you want anti predator netting or you are building a pheasant pen.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Unsure on what size you need? Or any other questions then please give us a call on 01308 485422. We are happy to help.

  • £7.20 £1,050.00 inc VAT
    Game Bird Netting 38mm (1½”)DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Game Bird Netting 38mm (1½”)

    Quality netting at the best prices! Commonly used as roof netting for game bird and poultry pens. If you're looking for...
  • £36.00 £1,404.00 inc VAT
    square mesh netting 19mm fruit cage

    Square Mesh Netting 19mm (¾”)

    This quality netting multi purpose. Commonly used as garden netting, pond netting, anti predator netting, game bird netting & for fruit...
  • £13.80 £756.00 inc VAT
    Partridge Pen Netting 28 mm (1⅛”)DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Partridge Pen Netting 28 mm (1⅛”)

    1⅛" (28mm) square mesh netting is ideal for use as pen netting for keeping captive birds in and lying vermin out!...
  • £72.00 £768.00 inc VAT
    laying pen netting

    Laying Pen Netting 50 mm (2″)

    This 2" square mesh netting is recommended & widely used as Laying Pen Netting. It can also be used to keep...
  • £82.80 £720.00 inc VAT
    Anti Predator Bird Netting 100mm

    Anti Predator Bird Netting 100mm (4″)

    Commonly used in Fish Farms across the UK as anti predator netting. Please choose a size from the list. 
  • £156.00 £312.00 inc VAT
    Square Mesh Netting 70 mm (2¾”)DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Square Mesh Netting 70 mm (2¾”)

    Choose a size from the list: