Cover Crops

We sell a variety of cover crops for different times of the year.

Traditional mix is our most popular cover crop.

It is made up of

  • Kale Linseed
  • Sunflowers Buckwheat
  • Mustard Millet
  • Quinoa

The latest addition to our cover crop range is the unicorn mix. This is made up of a kale and rape blende.

We sell a varied amount of cover crops that can be sown between may and September. Whether you are looking for maize, mustard, kale, sunflowers or even quinoa! These all come in different weights.

If you would like any more information then please give us a call on 01308 485422.

  • £118.80 inc VAT
    Sluxx slug pellets

    Sluxx Slug Pellets – 20 kg

    3 % ferric phosphate for excellent slug control at low rates/ha Provides sufficient baiting points for effective kill Comparable results to...
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  • £35.00 £40.00
    Gamestay Revival or Gamestay Recoup

    Gamestay Revival or Gamestay Recoup

    Revival and Recoup are two of the most popular game cover crops mixtures available. Combining different species into a mixture can...
  • £20.00
    Rumba Mustard

    Mustard – 5kg Pack

    5kg Pack = 1 acre
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  • £19.00
    Gamestay Goldeneye Kale

    Gamestay Goldeneye Kale – 1kg Pack

    Kale is one of the most popular game cover crops used today. Its well known for its strong, winter hardy canopy...
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  • £30.00
    Gamestay Unicorn – 5kg pack

    Gamestay Unicorn – 5kg pack

    Very fast to establish with some crops ready to utilise within 10-12 weeks of sowing.
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  • £48.00 £53.00
    Game Cover Crops – Maize

    Game Cover Crops – Maize

    Maize is one of the most widely used crops used for game cover and feed. Good protection from airborne predators Plenty...
  • £42.00
    Gamestay Carbon

    Gamestay Carbon – 2kg pack

    Gamestay Carbon is a fast growing Kale x Mustard Hybrid. Kg needed per acre – 2kg Sow Time = July –...
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  • £60.00
    Gamestay Traditional Cover Crop – per acre pack

    Gamestay Traditional Cover Crop – per acre pack

    A cover crop mixture to sow in April/May: Kale Millet Linseed Quinoa Sunflowers Buckwheat Mustard
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  • £50.00
    Game Cover Crops

    Gamestay Sorghum 2 Way Blend – 10 kg pack

    Sorghum is a semi tropical, non cob producing, maize-like plant which will provide cover throughout the shooting season. Sold in 10kg...
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  • Game Cover Crops

    Cover Crops 2021

    We are able to offer all types of game cover crops, Some of the available seeds: Game Cover Maize Sorghum Canary...
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