New Products October 2014

New Products Available Online!

We have added a few more items to our online catalogue. Read more here for a quick preview of some of those items!

The Drum Feeder – 30kg Capacity

Ideal 30kg Capacity Blue Drum Feeder – comes with a Spiral Spring or Wright Metal Feeder Attachment.

Drum Feeder
30kg drum feeder

Gamestay Aniseed Liquid Plus Garlic – 1 ltr

A new formulation of Gamestay Aniseed, other spices, mineral oil PLUS garlic. Apply to wheat to help keep game birds in the feeding area.

new products
Gamestay Aniseed Liquid PLUS with Garlic

Flexi Peg Marker

The Flexi Peg is a durable marker with a wide range of uses in the countryside. You can either buy individual pegs or a pack of 5 with assorted insert cards.

Flexi Peg
Yellow Flexi Peg on the shoot

HJ Hall Shooting Socks

UK Manufactured quality socks made from 42% Merino, 42% Acrylic and 16% Nylon. Follow this link for more info:

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WCS Tube Trap & The Magnum Body Grip 116 Trap

Use the WCS Tube Trap to attract and kill Mink, Squirrels, Rats, Stoats & Weasels. It is a quality trap that incorporates a tunnel making it easy to comply with UK regulations.

The Magnum Bodygrip 116 Trap features a stronger spring for the control of rats, grey squirrels, rabbits and mink.

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Please call 01308 485422 to order or if you have any further questions!

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