Something to say? Review our Products online!

It is well known that we all like to read reviews whether it is about a holiday or a product you are thinking of purchasing. So Collins Nets needs your help!

Customers like to read online reviews before making a purchase decision, they are now essential for helping you to decide and give you piece of mind that the product is what you need!

Whether you have something positive, neutral or negative to say – it will help fellow customers have a more informed outlook, help us to see where we can improve and help us to see what we need to change ASAP!


It is now a lot easier to review products on our website. Just head to a product you have Something to Say about. For example:

  • Jumbo Release Pen Netting
  • Scroll to the ‘Reviews (1)’ Tab, and click on it. (Just below the ‘Ask us a Question’ button)
  • Fill in your Name & Email
  • Give the product a star rating
  • Write any comments you may have


Another way to give us feedback is via Social Media. We are always happy to hear from you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

Time to get in touch 🙂

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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