Collins Nets Social Media Accounts

If you so desire, we have many social media accounts that you might like to track us on!

Firstly we have just sorted out our Google Plus Account:


Our Google Plus account features all our YouTube videos and all our website updates. Keep an eye out for New Products, Blog Post and Informative Product Videos on here!

So that lead us on to the direct link for our YouTube Channel


We update our Twitter Feed daily, or even more regularly!


Keep an eye on our Twitter Feed for interesting posts we see from the accounts we follow in the Game Rearing, Fisheries and Golf Industries that we supply.

We always like to post the odd photo or two of the Dorset countryside, just so you remember where we are! But also we post all our special offers, blog posts and new products on here as well.

We have 939 followers on Twitter currently (Sept 2015), come and join in!

Instagram Photo Feed

We only use this application share beautiful photos of the Dorset countryside that surrounds us everyday and occasion product photos and the day to day goings on at Collins Nets… AND to look at all your fantastic shots from the Gamekeepers, Fish Farmers and Golf Courses!


Our longest standings social media feed comes from …



We post all our new website blog posts, mailchimp newsletter links, photos, products and adverts on here. We currently have 560 followers on Facebook (Sept 2015). If you aren’t one of them … come and ‘like us’ !


So now you are properly informed, come and say hello to us on our Collins Nets Social Media accounts!


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