Keep your birds warm !

It’s the time of year when the chicks start to arrive and the weather could do anything. We would all like to think that Spring has sprung and the sunshine and warmer days are on the way. But cooler temperatures and rainy days are still a high possibility so it’s important to ensure you can keep your birds warm!

Its best to plan for the worst scenario. Making sure your Gas Brooders are all in check is vital for Game Rearing success. We supply the full range of Spare Parts for your Alke Gas Brooders! Here’s just a few of the options:

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Are your birds cold?….. Keep your birds warm!

You could probably do with an efficient Gas Brooder like the Global 5 with Filters. This thermostatically controlled gas brooder is brilliant because it means the brooder automatically maintains the chosen temperature.

When there is no need for heat, the pilot light keeps the burner operating at the lowest setting! This will save you time and money!

We recommend the Global 5 with filters for dusty environments, but it is also available without filters

With the Global 5 Gas Brooders approximately 95% of the heat is radiated to the floor.

The stainless steel reflector and spherical burner helps to radiate 95% of the heat efficiently downwards over the area. The Global 5 Gas Brooder can be hung at a higher height (between 1.4mtrs and 1.7mtrs) than other brooders enabling it to heat a larger area.

The Global 5 is suitable for up to 1250 day old chicks and has a very large heat range of 2500-19500 Btu making it much more adaptable!

Take a look at all our Gas Brooders and Spares here.

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