Game Bird Chicks

Its the time of year that the game bird chicks are hatching and this is the most critical and urgent time of the year, for us and the Gamekeepers! We aim to get you the drinkers, feeders, brooders, netting and everything in between out on a next day road carrier service.

Interlink road carrier provide a reliable and informative service to get your orders to you on time. For larger orders and pallets we use Tuffnells or DSV who also have good proven track records!

We stock many items for this industry at this time of the year. Rearing the Game Bird Chicks for the shooting season requires a lot of time, equipment, and care!

Chicks should have access to feed and water as soon as hatched – they will be dehydrated whether they have travelled miles or yards from the hatchery!

The inclusion of electrolytes in the drinking water will aid rehydration and stimulate feed intake. We supply ‘Gamestay Lyte‘ for this job in 1 ltr or 5ltr containers – read more here!

Feed in the form of a crumb should be fed as soon as possible after hatching and must be kept fresh. Did you know we have a contact for Feed supplies who we can get to give you a call back? Just let us know!

Often Feed can be scattered on Corrugated Cardboardthis is done to make the feed more interesting & vibrate as the chicks walk across it. Using Chick Feed Trays, Feeders & Drinkers in a bright Red colour is also said to attract the chicks!

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Once the chicks are feeding freely off the floor and/or dishes low sided feeders & drinkers can be introduced. Care & time is needed to get the chicks to feed from new sources. Once accustomed to the feeders/drinkers they can be used through the rearing season in to the release pens with the addition of Outdoor Rain Covers & perhaps Anti-Scratch Rings.

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Any changes that happen is stressful to chicks. One way to help ‘boost’ the game birds during these times  are to use ‘Boost Tonics‘ in the drinking water to provide the birds with the extra vitamins and nutrients to help overcome the stress and change – Read more here!

If there is any items you can’t find on our website just give us a call and we will see if we can help in any way. Open Monday – Friday from 7am – 4.30pm!

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