Game Bird Attractants

With the shooting season fast approaching, there’s hardly a better time to write about using the game bird attractants that we have on offer.

Losing pheasants and other game birds to your neighbours can be a nightmare for any gamekeeper.

To keep birds, and attract new ones, game bird attractants are the best bet for keeping numbers consistent throughout the season. Game bird attractants have always been an important part of gamekeeping with most recipes being a closely guarded secret.

Gamekeep Bird Puller has to be one of the best known brands made from a unique blend of natural spices which you add directly into your feed. As for the complete recipe your guess is as good as ours!

With positive returns, birds are held where you want them and drawn into areas previously unused. All this equates to an increase in sport on the day.

Aniseed provides some of the best results when attracting game birds. With its pungent smell and liquorice like flavour, pheasants go wild for it with its scent attracting them from far afield.

Gamestay Aniseed Liquid was developed and tested on a Dorset shoot to hold birds in specific covers and areas. Ready to use in a non-sticky, non-messy highly refined oil, it contains spices specifically identified to entice game birds and wildfowl. Easy to apply and will not inhibit flow through automatic feeders or spinners.

Gamestay Aniseed with Garlic is a new formulation of Aniseed, other spices, mineral oil PLUS garlic. When testing the product over the last year, Gamestay Aniseed Liquid Plus Garlic was found to be most popular by the Game birds over the Gamestay Aniseed Original or Wheat without any attractants:

The trial carried out involved 6 feeders being lined up, 2 with Aniseed Liquid, 2 with the NEW Aniseed Liquid Plus Garlic and 2 without any attractants. We found more activity around the garlic feeders and found the feed was consumed a lot quicker too! – Mr M Tory – Dorset

While all of these options work well as attractants, they are not a food substitute and should always be mixed with feed.

Further information and directions for use on these 3 holding attractants can be seen by clicking on the underlined links above.

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