Galvanised Wire Netting Stockist UK

You may or may not know it, but we are a key stockist of Galvanised Wire Netting here in the U.K.

We keep a large stock of wire year round for our customers when they need it!


At Collins Nets all of the Galvanised Wire netting we stock is galvanised after manufacture for the best quality.  We mainly supply our wire in to Fish Farms, Fisheries, Poultry and Game Farms but of course it is widely used by many others for many different purposes. Galvanised Wire has many different names – ours can be referred to at ‘Hot Dipped Wire’, ‘Chicken Wire’, ‘Hexagonal Wire Netting’, ‘Rabbit Wire’And so that means it can be quite hard to search for on Google!

The Key Facts

  • We have a range of sizes available to suit different budgets and qualities required
  • Galvanised after manufacture is better quality & will last longer than pre-galvanised wire. That is why we have stopped selling it and have only a few rolls left on Special Offer!
  • Mesh Sizes Available: 3/4″ (19mm), 1″ (25mm), 1 1/4″ (31mm) and 2″ (50mm)
  • Thicknesses Available: 0.9mm (20 gauge), 1.0mm (19 gauge) and 1.2mm (18 gauge)
  • Heights Available: 900mm (3ft), 1050mm (3 ft 6 inches), 1200mm (4ft) and 1800mm (6ft)
  • All of our rolls of wire are 50 mtrs in length
  • We offer discounts on all pallet quantity orders

Hopefully we can help all your Wire requirements – any questions just gives us a call! 01308 485422.

Wire Netting sizes and website links:

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So there you have it! Why not give Collins Nets wire a go when you next need some?

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