Day out Beating on Eastwood Farm Shoot Somerset

Ollie and Dawn from Collins Nets spent the day out beating on Eastwood Farm Shoot in Somerset for Jane & Steve on 29th October 2014.

It was a fantastic day out in the beautiful woodland and valleys in Yarlington, Somerset. It was a foggy and damp day but that really didn’t matter!

The day started with a lovely warm welcome from Jane and Steve with bacon rolls and coffee at the Farm House where we met the other beaters and pickers up.

At 10am we set out on the first drive where we were positioned near the Partridge Pen. Not a lot of action here for the Guns, but the Second Drive through the woodland pushed quite a few Pheasants out, flying high for the Guns in the fields below. Here is a few photographs from the morning:

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We headed back to the Farm House for nibbles and port at midday to keep us going – an unexpected treat!

All the Beaters were soon heading out across the fields to Drive more pheasants out through the woodland for the Guns on Pegs.

The Collins Nets Orange Beaters Flags really stood out and made a great noise. The Beaters and Pickers up were all impressed, so we left some behind for Jane.

Some afternoon photos here:

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At the end of the day the shoot counter read 190 with a total of 45 birds in the bag.

Collins Nets spent the day out beating on Eastwood Farm Shoot in Somerset for Jane & Steve
45 Pheasants

To finish off the day, a drink for all at the local pub, and a proper nice meal too. Venison Pie and then Apple Strudel was just perfect with a pint or two!

A wee advert for the shoot:


A Proper Farm Shoot! Run by the farmer for the fun of it!

50 Bird DRIVEN days, from lovely warm woods, across some stunning Somerset valleys.

Meet at the local pub for coffee & Bacon rolls, End the day at the pub for a sit down meal with the farm owner, all the guns, and the beaters.  Real Camaraderie!


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