Country Life Gift Ideas

It’s often difficult to find suitable gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion. But here at Collins Nets we have a surprising amount of options!

We stock a great number of country and shooting accessories that will make great gifts for people who enjoy country pastimes.

HJ Hall Socks

The Hall family have been manufacturing socks in Leicestershire since 1882. This longevity is borne through experience, enthusiasm, constant innovation and design creativity. We stock the full range of shooting and country socks.



Bigger gift ideas

We stock a range of clothing suitable for the outdoor , country sports enthusiast. Seeland is a practical and affordable clothing brand. If we don’t have your size in stock we will hopefully be able to get it in to order.

Delivery is FREE on all clothing!

Some of our most popular items include:

The Buckthorn Gaiters are an essential bit of kit for any country person or someone that is a part of the beaters team.

Small gift ideas

Gifts under £10 ideal for a stocking filler!


Gifts you might not have considered

Not every person is hoping for a sentimental gift! Have you thought about there interests in day to day life? For example, Gamekeepers , Greenkeepers and Fishery Managers may well have a keen interest in Vermin Control. So an extra trap or two might be just the ticket.

Many of us are of course dog lovers, so a new lead, or dog whistle could come in handy.

Don’t forget your 4 legged friends!

We have in stock a great range of Dog Beds by Danish Design, and if the size you need is out of stock, we can always order it in!

And keep your dog warm and dry in one of the essential Dog Robes.


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