Collins Nets Ltd in 2003

In 2003 I decided to come and take some black and white photographs of Collins Nets in action for my school project. Looking back now it is a shame that we didn’t take more photographs over the years.

Collins Nets was started in 1986 by Nick Collins, Nigel Collins and the loyal Graham Hansford (who still works with us today)

Collins Nets was based in West Bay until December 2008. The old building was full of character but it was a nightmare for Nick, Nigel and Graham to work in. The old customs house is a listed building and Collins Nets was set over 3 floors.

As the business and range of products grew it became more difficult to get stock in to and out of the building. Especially when they decided to start stocking heavy bales of Sports Netting, Game Bird Netting and Galvanised Wire rolls!

The other main problem was the cold. It was absolutely freezing for most of the year! I always remember my dad coming home from work with long john layers and at least 2 pairs of socks!

The move to the old dairy barn in Uploders at Christmas 2008 was luxurious in comparison. Everything is all on one level and the office area is insulated! This is where Collins Nets Ltd remains today, with a few new faces.

We are still rigging Seine Nets, Fish Cages and Fykes to order. Old skills now being passed on to the next generation. There is not many skilled net makers left in England and we are so pleased to be able to keep this part of the business going with our team.

Here is a selection of photos from the visit to Collins Nets in 2003:

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Thank you for reading & having a look.

Dawn (Nick’s Daughter)

🙂 18/11/2016 🙂


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