Catching up pheasants

Although many shoots in present times buy their poults in from Game Farms, some keepers still ‘catch up’ before the end of season. And why not, especially if you know your birds are from good stock!

When should you catch up your birds?

By the end of January, the end of the Pheasant season. It is illegal to do so after that. Cold, dry weather is the best time, if you can.

How many eggs do you need?

Each hen will lay between 40-60 eggs. If you are more conservative with you calculations then hopefully you will end up with enough or more than you need to get to wood.

Best method of catching up?

Situate a few wooden pens, depending on the size of your drives. These are commonly around 10ft x 10ft, with game bird netting over the top.

Pre ‘bait’ the pen, so pheasants get used to going in.

You could catch 50 birds or so at any one time in a busy drive. Check them regularly to avoid stress and never leave birds in overnight.

What equipment do you need for catching up pheasants?

What is next?

Checking each hen bird would be the next job, make sure they are in good condition.

Arrange for your game vet to come out and do a health test, make sure there are not any underlying problems.

Once all the birds are in the laying pens and it is known that they are reasonably healthy it is a good idea to give them a boost tonic to ensure they are in top condition and also reduce stress.

It is recommended to work on a one cock bird to between 7-10 hen birds in a laying pen.


We also have some wire on special offer which would be ideal for making tunnels/funnels for your pheasant catchers. Please give us a call – 01308 485422!

With good stock, a decent pen, plenty of feeders, drinkers and proper food, the first eggs should appear towards the end of March.

Here we go again! Let’s hope 2022 is a great year for us all.

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