Bird Flu & Game Birds

As the serious and notifiable disease H5N8 bird flu continues to be found in wild birds and some kept flocks in the UK, the government has come together with countryside and shooting organisations to issue important information to all involved with game birds:

Bird Flu and Gamebirds Advice REVISED 03-03-17

Up to date information can be found on the Governments website here.

We supply a number of products that can help during this time.

Firstly we have a range of DEFRA approved disinfectants in stock:

Intercid – 10 kg

£83 ex VAT

Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all types of animal housing, cages and surfaces within buildings. For example: Walls, floors, equipment, appliances, transport crates, vehicles, cages, kennels, quarantine areas, boots, tread mats and used in foot dips.

For Poultry, Intercid is used at a better dilution rate than other brands. (1:400)

Intercid disinfectant

Interkokask – 10 ltrs

£145 ex VAT

Interkokask is a veterinary disinfectant with a special formula which includes Chlorocresol, a lipid solvent that breaks through the protective triple outer protein/lipid/chitin layers found in many pathogens and parasites, including bacteria, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, fungi and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and coccidial oocysts.

  • Interkokask known not to be corrosive at recommended ready-to-use dilutions.
  • Proven against coccidiocis, bacteria (salmonella), viruses (avian influenza), red mites, worms & more
  • Can be used on all rearing equipment
  • Can be applied by foaming lances, sprayer or knapsack

Virocid Disinfectant – 10 ltrs or 20 ltrs

£58 -£99 ex VAT

Virocid offers at least two times more protection than other disinfectants, it also offers a wide application range for the daily disinfection of:

  • animal houses and material
  • animal transport and materials
  • storage and processing rooms for feed and food transport
  • boots and wheels via dipping baths

Virocid Disinfectant

The current advice from the government to keep any Game Birds and Poultry separated from wild birds. This will remain in place in the UK until at least 28th February 2017.

The government accepts that housing the birds indoors is not always possible, so practical measures are advised. Collins Nets Ltd stocks a large range of Netting which is commonly used as roof netting to cover outdoor pens.

This is the advice on netted structures:

  • When using a netted structure, paying special attention to keeping wild birds from perching on the roof and defecating through it – for example you should consider using additional deterrent methods.
  • Constructing temporary outdoor pens using straw bales and a tarpaulin roof with birdproof netted gaps for light and ventilation
  • If bad weather is likely to be a problem, it may be necessary to erect a windbreak around your bird-proof structure.

We have the following recommended products in stock:

Roof Netting – use the smaller mesh to keep out as many wild birds as possible.

Woven Windbreak Netting – This can be used around the sides of pens to prevent birds being disturbed by wind and bad weather. 

We have two sizes in stock:

Shelterflex Waterproof Sheeting – can be used to create a waterproof roof or side to a pen

We have 3 sizes in stock:


It has also been advised that you keep the birds drinking water clean. We have two products in stock which sanitize the drinking water.

    • Removes slime deposits (biofilm)
    • Removes traces of medicaments & vitamins
    • Effective against bacteria, fungi and algae
  • CID 2000 – CID 2000 has a triple action:
    1. Cleaning of the drinking system
    2. Removing both organic and inorganic (scale) dirt
    3. Optimizing the pH-level of the drinking water

    CID 2000 is composed of stabilized hydrogen peroxide, organic acids and stabilizers.


We hope this information helps. We are available to speak to on the phone Monday – Friday 7 am – 4 pm.

01308 485422


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