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Alke Heating Technology was founded in 1974 specialising in manufacturing heating equipment for pig and broiler houses. Alke Heating Technology supply gas heaters to over 90 countries around the world!

Creating an optimal environment is of great importance for rearing poultry and game birds; especially in the first few days of life. Research has shown that the use of infrared heating stimulates the growth of young birds and animals. This is because of the radiant heat that warms the animals can be compared to the heat from the sun.

Collins Nets Ltd is proud to have supplied top quality Alke Gas Brooders to the Game Rearing industry for over 20 years!

All Alke Gas Brooders supplied by Collins Nets are assembled and tested in Holland before shipment.  Every gas brooder is supplied with instructions and installation kit which comprises of hanging chains, ‘S’ hooks, stainless steel jubilee clips, stainless steel dust filters, gas hose and a regulator.

Did you know?… Stainless Steel is used to manufacture all parts of Alke heaters to ensure that no gaps or warping issues occur. The metal expands and contracts at the same rate when heating & cooling.

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The famous design of the Global heaters is a result and combination of the benefits of the classic ceramic heaters. The spherical Global gas burner emits infrared rays, combined with a round reflector this creates radiation heat evenly on to the brooding area.

The thermostatically controlled Global heaters automatically maintain the chosen temperature. When there is no need for heat, the pilot light keeps the burner operating with very low gas consumption. This will save you time and money.

“We think the Alke Global 5 brooders supplied by Collins Nets are cost effective compared to other brands,  they use less gas than some others and with proper maintenance will last for years.

We find they tend to stay alight better than some (being high pressure) and are well suited for rearing partridges.  They are also easy to clean, and keep dust free during rearing conditions.

 Some of the first heaters we have are well over 10 years old still going strong!”

 Chris Hodgson, Ashley Game

The thermostatically controlled brooders are a fantastic option if you are rearing over 800 birds. The Global 5 is suitable for up to 1250 day olds (hung at 1.4 mtrs – 1.7 mtrs). The Global 10 is suitable for up to 2000 day olds but must be hung at a higher height (1.8 mtrs – 2 mtrs)

Because all Alke heaters are made of 100% stainless steel the life expectancy exceeds 15 years with good maintenance.

“We are replacing all of our other heaters with Global 5 or Global 10’s. We think they are awesome and cannot be beaten for quality & running costs”

Mike, Gamekeeper, Hereford

The Alke ceramic brooders are a classic design which have proved to be very sustainable and reliable. The ceramics are made in house at the Alke factory in Holland.

The temperature is controlled manually by the gas regulator on Ceramic brooders. The Type 41 is suitable for up to 400 birds and the Type 81 is suitable for up to 800 birds. These heaters are ideal for smaller brooder sheds.

“We found that the Alke Type 81 has been very reliable and easy to clean and maintain. When using these in all types of weather we have found it very easy to control the temperatures from cold to hot.

Over the last 20 years we have been using these and purchasing new ones due to growth and are still using some of the original heaters”

Boxtree Game Supplies

All spare parts for all the Gas Brooders we supply are also in stock should you require any.

The High Pressure Automatic Changeover Gas Valve is another great product to make your life easier. When one gas bottle runs out this product will automatically change the gas supply over to another bottle.

For further information speak to one of the team by calling 01308 485422.


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