Bird Puller

Collins Nets is the new home for Bird Puller. We couldn’t be happier!
Over time we will be putting our own stamp on the familiar green tubs. But keeping the same secret recipe that has been kept under wraps for all these years!
Bird puller is one of the most popular game bird attractants we sell at Collins Nets. The unique blend of herbs and spices has a strong smell and has been designed to be added directly to feed, ideal for gamekeeping. The seductive spices will stop your pheasants wandering and result in happier, healthier birds. The natural ingredients are rich in Vitamin B and will keep your pheasants coming back for more.
Gamekeepers report excellent results – some of our customers have been using it for more than 10 years!
Bird Puller Positive Review
Bird puller comes in two sizes – a 5kg tub and 20kg sack.

Bird Puller 5kg Tub

The 5kg tub is the ideal choice for smaller estates or syndicates - 1 tub will treat around 2.5 tonnes of feed.

Bird puller is known for the fantastic results and is proven to stop birds straying into neighbouring fields.

It will help keep pheasants or partridges in key areas on shoot day.

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the new home of birdpuller

Bird Puller 20kg Sack

20kg Bulk Buy Price!

No need to add any liquids as it has its own blend of natural oils that allows it to stick to your feed without clogging up your feeders or turning the feed mouldy.

With positive returns, birds are held where you want them and drawn into areas previously unused. All this equates to an increase and sport on the day.

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