Netting for Game Rearing, Fish Farms & Sports

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Made from stainless steel frame fitted with a pan bottom Fryma mesh net bag, these hand nets are built to last.

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Netting for Game Rearing, Fish Farms & Sports

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Netting for Game Rearing, Fish Farms & Sports

We are a family owned and run company and have been for over 35 years. We're specialist manufacturers of netting for Game Rearing, Fish Farms and Sports.

Game Rearing

We are the largest U.K. stockist of game rearing supplies including: release pen nettingalke gas brooders, shelterflex sheeting, electric fencing, bird netting and galvanised wire netting.


At Collins Nets we are still rigging bespoke seine netsfyke nets and survey gill nets to order and supply a great range of products to the Fish Farms and Environment Agencies across the U.K.

Sports Nets

We are a leading supplier of perimeter sports netting for Golf, Football, Rugby and Cricket grounds. Along with high quality Cage nets Baffle netting which is popular for use with golf simulators.

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